Web Crawler and Social Media Listener

Core Features

Social Media Listener

Create keywords on Twitter, hashtags on Instagram and listens to Facebook conversation you want to listen.

Online Media Monitoring

Select your preferred web portal, and let Ara capture its contents.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand what people are talking about comprehensively, including conversation sentiments.

Content Parser

Let Ara cleanse the data from Web Portal, and only capture the relevant article without metadata noise.


Select and save your favorite articles or social media conversation for historical archives.


We'll get you up and running smoothly, with our reliable support during implementation and post-implementation.

Plans Built For Every One

Select the best pricing package for your company.



Enterprise Geo-Server for Large Companies

  • Unlimitted Geocodes requests/min
  • Shapes up to Kelurahan Level
  • Phone, Email & On-Site Support
  • Annual Pricing***

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*Minimum 10 Users required for Plus Package. **Minimum 30 Users required for Enterprise Package. ***Minimum contract of 2 (two) years for Enterprise Package.

Getting Started

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