API Gateway

Core Features


Easily replicates Vaia services on additional machine to scale performance.

User Friendly

Vaia is very straightforward and easily customizable for your API management practice.


Vaia manages your API endpoint using the widely suppported RESTful command.

Custom Policy

Create custom policy for a selected group of API at your convenience.

Hybrid Infrastructure

You can implement Vaia on Cloud or On-Premise. We're happy to run on any infrastructure.


We'll get you up and running smoothly, with our reliable support during implementation and post-implementation.

Plans Built For Every One

Select the best pricing package for your company.



Enterprise Geo-Server for Large Companies

  • Unlimitted Geocodes requests/min
  • Shapes up to Kelurahan Level
  • Phone, Email & On-Site Support
  • Annual Pricing***

Contact Us

*Minimum 10 Users required for Plus Package. **Minimum 30 Users required for Enterprise Package. ***Minimum contract of 2 (two) years for Enterprise Package.

Getting Started

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